Biker Mike Cycle Tours LLC – Latest Update

Biking Around the World for Renewable Energy

My name is Mike Dits and I am biking around the world to research renewable energy. Over the next few years I will be biking through 5 continents to see the world, learning about what people are doing to power their lives in a clean, sustainable manner along the way. Take a look at my route around the world and follow me on my journey!

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Building A Windmill In Malawi

Newspaper Article at Start of Trip

Article from my hometown's newspaper, The South Bend Tribune. Click here to read.

Year One Update

IMG_2150Article on my trip after year one. Click here to read.

Year Two Update

Story on my ride after my second year on the road. Follow the link to the South Bend Tribune Article.

Interview on First Day of Trip

Watch the video to learn about my goals for the trip. Local News Station Fox 28 News held an interview with me the morning that I started my trip. Click to watch the Fox 28 News Interview.

Start of Trip Interview

When biking through the campus of my Alma Mater, Indiana University, one journalism student interviewed me about my trip. Click here to watch.

Bike Route Around the World

Bike route around the world