Volcano Stole My Glasses, Central Mexico

Offering to the Sleeping Volcano

Volcan Iztaccihuatl is an Aztecan woman laying on her back. She lies to the East of Mexico City at over 17,000 ft (5230 meters). She took my glasses when I reached her pecho.

IMG_2875 (1)Volcan Iztaccihuatl

IMG_2873 (1)

IMG_2868 (1)

IMG_2858 (1) Volcan Popocatepetl in the distance

IMG_2807 (1)

IMG_2837 (1)

IMG_2822 (1)Alpinista #4 and gringo #2, we met David on the mountain finishing up his climb in order to get back to New York the next day for work. Good work David.

IMG_2799 (1)Julio, alpinista #1

IMG_2826Alejandro, alpinista #2

IMG_2832 (1)Alpinista #3

IMG_2850 (1)

IMG_2855 (1)

IMG_2840 (1)

IMG_2828 (1)

IMG_2823 (1)

The Center of the Universe

Mexico's flag depicts an eagle eating a snake while standing on a cactus. This was an image that the wandering tribe of Aztecs saw in 1325, and they interpreted it as a sign to stop and build their capital city, now Mexico City. They built a temple, the Templo Mayor, on the spot and believed it was the center of the universe. Today Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world, and you can still feel the presence of the Aztecs.

IMG_2769Mexico City Monument

In the center of Mexico City I agreed to be interviewed by a student learning English. Immediately after I was approached by 8 other students who needed interviews for their class. Oh English.


Paying tribute with Aztec dance in one of Mexico City's parks.


Adios Baja, Hola Mexico

I left Baja California by taking a Ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan. The time zone changed, the air grew more humid, and the food got tastier.

IMG_2655 (1)Ferry pulling into Mazatlan

IMG_2685 (1)The Sierra Madre mountain range is filled with dozens of bridges, tunnels, and cool mountain spring water that costs $0 pesos.

zacatecas20285729My Iphone broke when in the Northern Central Highlands, so I have to borrow this photo. Zacatecas is an enchanting silver mining town filled with culture and a rich history, playing a big role in Mexico's Revolution a couple centuries ago.

I took a Saturday off in Durango, passing the afternoon with some of the local cyclists. 2 points for Jahaziel.

Coconut tastes better when using a machete

IMG_2686 (1)This is the Baluarte Bridge in the Sierra Madre Mountain range between Mazatlan and Durango, Mexico. I learned after crossing it that it is the second highest bridge in the world. Yep, It seemed pretty tall when crossing it.

guanajuato-mexicoAnother borrowed picture, this of the streets of Guanajuato. The beautiful town is filled with colorful narrow streets, and a series of underground tunnels below allows pedestrians to rule the streets day and night.

Mike en Leon2Xochitl and Guillermo live in Leon, Mexico. They treated me to a fun night out on the town where I tried Guacamayas (fried pork skin and avocado sandwich), and listened to local music.