Naked New Year, Yucatan Mexico

Adios Mexico, I’m ruined!

And so my adventures in Mexico, my first country outside 'Merica, have come to an end. Three sweet long months in this magical place called Mexico have concluded with a tour of several breathtaking sites of ancient Mayan ruins. For those of you who are interested in Maya ruins, enjoy the photos that follow. For those of you who do not....maybe you should reconsider what is most important in life (family, friends, Mexican ruins...). I mean come on! These people made incrediblevstructures without the wheel or metal tools, they were astronomical geniuses, and they played sports instead of war! Maybe they weren't 100% accurate with the End of the World prediction, but we all get a couple wrong sometimes don't we?

IMG_3933The grand daddy of them all, El Castillo pyramid in Chichen Itza. The ruins here are named one of the new 7 wonders of the world

IMG_3768Inside El Palacio in the ruins of Palenque

IMG_3993This massive ball court, called El Gran Juego de Pelota, was used to settle disputes, an alternative to battle between Mayan Tribes. The best warriors would wear leather belts and attempt to move 10 pound balls through small stone circles some 20 feet in the air using only their hips. The losers were decapitated. This 135 meter court felt like a mix between a Harry Potter quidditch match and a scene out of the Never Ending Story.

IMG_4083Here is a better look at the stone rings of a smaller Juego de Pelota court at the ruins of Coba

IMG_3853First night camping on the Gulf of Mexico

IMG_4053Pedicab drivers strategically wait for tourists to finish climbing the Pyramids of Coba. Enervated, the tourists happily jump on board these Mexican styled Pedicabs to cruise back to the visitor center.

IMG_3723Waterfalls of Agua Azul in Chiapas, Mexico

IMG_4113Cool street art outside of Chetumal, Mexico

IMG_3806Temples abound at the ruins of Palenque

IMG_3937Another view of the Pyramid at Chichen Itza


IMG_4055 Nohoch Mul, or Big Mound, Pyramid at the ruins of Coba. No one was injured while attempting to climb this one, but it was funny watching some people freak out on the way down.IMG_4102Ruins of Tulum along the crystal clear Carribean waters

IMG_3740Misol Ha waterfall in the jungles of Chaipas provided a wonderful misty afternoon breeze


IMG_3716Little bit of road missing in the hills of Chiapas, no problema

Mexio Love Poem

Mexico, te amo. From your butt cracks to your roof top clothes dryers, to your trucks packed with machine gun waving military and little peregrinos alike. I don’t mind that you charge me for water, so long as I share mine too. How simple you are, how tough you are, always finding a way to survive. I can marvel in every corner of you, and learn about the stories behind each. Your people have a warmth that surprised me, and they took care of me and showed me the very best of Mexico, themselves. You are spiritual Mexico, and I still don’t understand you completely, but I thank you. Mexico you are mystical and wonderful, and you quench my thirst for such wonders. I will miss you Mexico, I will miss your tacos, whatever the price may have been. Maybe I will learn to make tortillas one day so I can feel close to you again, and learn to play San Jorocho on a little guitar to share your sounds. Hasta luego Mexico, que lo vaya bien.

Feliz Navidad, Naked New Year, and a Wind Farm

Mexicans celebrate Christmas with a big dinner late in the evening on Christmas Eve with everyone in the family. This video shows the family sharing hugs and kisses right after midnight on Christmas morning.

In southeastern Oaxaca you will find a very windy stretch of land between the towns of La Ventoas y La Venta. Mexicans have harnessed the incredible power of the wind with hundreds of wind turbines across several wind farms. I was warned that if I tried to cross this wind zone I would be blown off my bike. And I was, more than once.El Aguacero Waterfall in Chiapas Mexico

IMG_3650El Aguacero waterfall in Chiapas Mexico

A view from one of Mexico's fishing ports, Puerto Angel, as the fishermen come in from a day's work.


I took in the New Year on one of Mexico's nude beaches, Playa Zipolite. While I can't show pictures from during the day... here is a video from some of the evenings festivities! 


IMG_3669El Aguacero #2

I arrived at a beach town in Oaxaca one night and met a family (the family in my boat) who was visiting from Mexico City. Within 4 minutes they offered me a cool beverage and invited me to join them on a boat tour looking for crocodiles. We didn't see many crocs but we did spend a pretty evening on the water, spotting iguanas, several species of birds, and enjoying a tasty Oaxacan dinner after. Mexican kindness at its finest.