From Bottomless Lakes to Deserts, Ecuador to Northern Peru

From Bottomless Lakes to Deserts, Ecuador to Northern Peru

I have been biking like a fool the last few weeks, making up for some time well spent in Colombia. I crossed through several types of terrain and cultures in Ecuador, surprised my host family who I learned Spanish from 3 years ago, and ate a bunch of bananas for about 5 cents a piece. Northern Peru has meant riding on flat ground along the coast and across the seriously large Sechura desert. I look forward to getting into Peru's Andes Mountains, some of the most beautiful in the world from what I hear.                        Quito, Ecuador to Trujillo, Peru 7/3 to 7/24


Ecuavoley, Ecuador's cooler version of volleyball, is heavily bet on and filled with intense arguments over the rules


IMG_3130 (1)Reunited with the Rosales family, the greatest family from Montanita, Ecuador who taught me Spanish more than 3 years agoIMG_1546


My new American buddy Ryan on the first day of his trip, in the middle of stunning architecture in downtown Quito


IMG_1361The courtyard of the Monastery of Santa Maria del Paraiso, south of Quito, Ecuador 




IMG_1530Southeastern Ecuador is filled with banana plantations. The locals manage to squeeze some other things in the middle of the fields, including mini futbol fields and cemeteries

IMG_1440The locals say the Laguna de Quilotoa is bottomless and changes colors between blue green and yellow

IMG_1348 (2)

 At the base of Volcan Cotopaxi, couldn’t climb this one as it it closed off due to recent activity



IMG_1543 (2)

Ecuatorianos seem to love statues, and I could make a book with all the incredibly random statues I saw. But the Peruvians made me giggle with this one, I think the dolphin is biting her hand.


IMG_1474  IMG_1255