Coast to Mountains to Jungle, A Peruvian Journey with my Sister

Coast to Mountains to Jungle, A Peru Journey with my Sister

After biking out of the mountains, I made my way toward the southern coast of Peru to make up some distance. Then it was back to Lima to meet my sister for a 10 day journey that included an electronic concert, a trip to energetic Machu Picchu, and a tour through the thick Amazon jungle. We covered all three of Peru's terrains in a short time, and finished with a smile.

Huancavelica, Peru to Arequipa, Peru 9/16 to 10/16

Video of the Amazon Jungle, Machu Picchu, and an Ultra Concert in Lima, Peru

img_5208 My sis and I next to a massive ceiba tree in the Amazon jungle 




img_3115Vicuna, Peru's national animalimg_3225




Nazca lines from up in the air


img_3097One night a family in the mountains gave me a stack of sheepskins to sleep on that was more comfortable than my normal foam mat


Solar Water Heaters in Peru, good to see!