Ruta 40 in Argentina

Ruta 40 in Argentina

IMG_4193Argentinians make tons of roadside memorials for Gaucho Gil, the popular folk saint who cured the son of his murderer. In the middle of deserts they give him tons of bottles of water, which makes thirsty bikers like me want to take them when I run out of h2O. IMG_4222Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the Americas and the tallest outside of the Himalayans. I plan to return one day to climb it.IMG_4236


Argentinian cartoons, the top says "singing beautifully" and the bottom "A little rest"

IMG_4158Argentinian wine country







IMG_4169Another roadside memorial in ArgentinaIMG_4227

IMG_4161Argentinians like to put old cars and trucks on their property as lawn ornamentsIMG_4208

IMG_4085Morning climb IMG_4121

IMG_4069No photoshop, purple mountains in Northern Argentina

IMG_4053Alone in the Valley of the Misfit RocksIMG_4135