Crossing Borders into the New Year

Crossing Borders into the New Year

In the last couple months I left Bolivia, entered Chile, road down northern Argentina, and then crossed back into Chile. In doing so I descended out of the Andes, entered the summer season, and reintroduced excessive portions of fresh fruit into my diet for the first time since Ecuador. After studying in Chile's capital a few years ago, I had several friends and host families to catch up with when I biked into Santiago. A festive couple weeks there made me fall in love with Chile again, and my percentage of Chilean identity increased a few points. I wanted to stay longer in Santiago but the road and colder temperatures in the south called me, and so I continue to the end of the world.     Uyuni, Bolivia 11/19 to Chillan, Chile 1/12/2017

Around Santiago Chile

IMG_4260 (2)

Back in Santiago, Plaza de ArmasIMG_4272Christmas Dinner with the Vergara familyIMG_4364Despedio with my buddy Daniel, Choriana, and a pitcher of Chilean wineIMG_4465Monasterio de Miraflores

IMG_4341New Years on the coast in Vina del MarIMG_4488

Weekend camping trip near Curico


Classic Chilean horno