Waiting to Sail

Waiting to Sail

Before leaving to sail up the South Atlantic Ocean, I hung out with Australians Cath and Greg of Icebird Expeditions. For a week we prepared their sailboat for winter storage, sharing stories and laughs from their neck of the woods and mine while I learned to say yeah mate instead of yessir.


IMG_5151Dinner at the Guanaco Restaurant on the IcebirdIMG_0974lenataran.comIMG_5131Ushuaia, ArgentinaIMG_1056Puerto Williams, Chile (the real end of the world)IMG_0955lenataran.comIMG_5210European Sailor's asado #2

IMG_1147Disassembling my bike for storage on the sailboat


The Icebird, check out the cool expeditions Cath leads on the Icebird www.icebirdexpeditions.com

IMG_0996lenataran.comIMG_5206European sailor's asado #1IMG_0965lenataran.comIMG_5142