Sailing the South Atlantic Ocean

Sailing the South Atlantic Ocean

Once I reached Ushuaia, the end of the world in the Land of Fire, I began looking for a sailboat to cross the Atlantic Ocean to South Africa. I luckily found one, but they unluckily were completely full. I then even more luckily met Alain, the famous French sailor of the Kotick sailboat. He, his wife, and a friend were to sail back to their home in Uruguay after a season of charter trips to Antarctica. They had space on board and I joined them for a 10 day, 1500 mile voyage up the South Atlantic Ocean to Uruguay. Along the way I learned to sail from the best in the business and saw life in the other world of the ocean.

Ushuaia, Argentina 12/3/2017 to Montevideo, Uruguay 11/4/2017


Our sailboat, Kotick, upon arrival in Montevideo, Uruguay. If you are interested in a trip to Antarctica on the famous Kotick, contact Captain Alain Cardec at, [email protected]IMG_5221Leaving Puerto Williams, Chile



IMG_5233The power couple, Alaine and Claudine CardecIMG_5228


IMG_5286Jesus on board, QUE MAS?!



IMG_5224Butterfly sailsIMG_5230Sunrise on the LeMaire Straight


My bike packed next to my bunkIMG_5215