South African Dap

South African Dap

After cycling through Uruguay to Buenos Aires and avoiding detainment in a Brazilian airport, I arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean up in the air was not my original plan, and while I feel bad about leaving a larger footprint in the ozone layer, I am happy to continue my circumnavigation in a different continent. And different it has been: the music, animals, racism, dap, language… Latin America is far away. I passed through the small country of Lesotho and felt like I was in pre-colonized South Africa. My detour to Cape Town is complete and I will now bike in a direction I have not yet travelled since I started my journey, North.

Montevideo, Uruguay 11/4/2017 to Buenos Aires, Argentina to Johannesburg, South Africa to Cape Town, South Africa 23/5/2017

IMG_5688One of the cooler bike shops I have come across, Woodstock Cycleworks in Cape TownIMG_5713Table Mountain, Cape TownIMG_5659

IMG_5624Rugby is very popular in South Africa and the youngsters play without shoes!IMG_5730


I have to talk about this pie. It was hot this day and I asked the lady in the grocery store what flavor this pie was. She told me it was not a pie and pointed to the chicken pot pies if I wanted pie (South Africans don’t call sweet pie pie here). I asked again what flavor it was and she said milk. I decided I needed to try it. I inhaled 3/4 of the pie and shared the rest with a homeless man on the street.IMG_5605This is Dion, the Boer famer who made a plan, invited me to stay on his farm, and then treated me to the best biltong (much better version of beef jerkey) in all of South Africa. Boer make a plan!IMG_5569 Modern versions of the South African randavel hutsIMG_5517Huge thanks to Pat in Johannesburg for helping get my bike ready for AfricaIMG_5562Tshepo (left) is a 22 year old native of Lesotho who started Hands of Life, an organization that teaches youth life skills and the joys of biking. Tshepo put me up for an evening and some members of the group rode out with me as I biked back into South Africa. Keep up the good work Tshepo!IMG_5553When I biked into Lesotho, the little country completely surrounded by South Africa, I immediately noticed the difference in size of a typical property. Here the people enjoy a little plot of land with a garden and maybe some animals, whereas South African land too often is split between massive farms owned by a few, and big populations crammed into former Locations, now called "townships".


Paying tribute to Madiba in Johannesburg


IMG_5724Ass shaking is encouraged in South Africa, and so I did just thatIMG_5469


Thanks to the principal and custodian of Bokmakierie primary school. When my tire split 10km outside of Cape Town, they helped me avoid a rough neighborhood and get a spare tire to make it into the city.IMG_5615Tallest bungee jumping bridge in the world on the southern coast of South Africa. See video below.IMG_5668

I have to talk about this smoke dried snoek fish. It was horrible, if you ever have the opportunity to try it, don't.


IMG_5577Family of giraffes near the roadIMG_5565

IMG_5587Indian Ocean at surf mecca Jeffrey's Bay


IMG_5555Hands of Life humble headquarters outside Mafeteng, Lesotho


IMG_5540Beware the beef propaganda!