Namib in Namibia

Namib in Namibia

Heading north out of South Africa I made my way into Namibia, one of Africa's most sparsely populated countries. And for good reason, Namibia is one dry country and I biked right through the Namib desert, the oldest in the world. Along the way to the wonderful valley of colorful dunes at Sossusvlei, I enjoyed fighting desert headwinds and sandy roads, drinking from wind and solar powered water holes, and watching more African wildlife at play.

Cape Town, South Africa 23/4/17 to Windhoek, Namibia 16/6/17



IMG_5921Off the grid 1: GenerationIMG_5956The other sign says ! Sand


IMG_5791The day I came down with a cold I biked down into a citrus valley, the first I have been through since Colombia nearly a year ago. What are the chances, I biked right into a natural pharmacy and loaded up on Vitamin C.IMG_5992The OryxIMG_5931Springbok and Wildebeest steaks for dinnerIMG_6054


IMG_5870Fish River CanyonIMG_6015


IMG_6018The last stretch into Sossusvlei is impassable by bike, so I caught a ride with a couple German families in their 4X4. We soon got stuck in the sand and did some digging and deflating to get out.


IMG_5928Off the grid 2: Storage (Elon Musk's Powerwall is an upgrade of this)


Billy and his wife Betsie live comfortably off the grid in Namibia. Here Billy shows off the rotatable structure he built for his solar panels.IMG_6043

IMG_6023 SossusvleiIMG_5858

IMG_5974Pack of Zebras watching me curiouslyIMG_5881Most everyone I saw out on the sandy roads was equipped with a 4x4 and often some serious camping equipment. But old Falcor and I made it alright.IMG_5786Believe it or not, this barren country in South Africa will bloom full of wildflower colors come AugustIMG_5943

IMG_5806A little biltong (beef jerkey) stop before heading into Namibia. Little did I know, Namibian biltong is even better.