Beware of the Elephants. Botswana

Beware of the Elephants

Botswana is a country filled with diamonds and wildlife. I did not find diamonds, but I was in constant contact with the ubiquitous wildlife that roam the big bush and marsh areas of this country. One particular stretch, aptly named elephant highway, meant close encounters with the humongous mammals. I have been learning that these big animals are not so accustomed to bicycles, and sometimes I am mistaken as a threat. This resulted in once being chased by an elephant, an experience that really makes your heart race. Camping in the bush means looking for lions tracks before setting up tent, and listening to growls and snorts all around me through the night. After a visit to Chobe National Park and the big Victoria Falls, I look forward to seeing what more this beautiful continent has in store.


Windhoek, Namibia 16/6/17 to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe 7/6/17

IMG_6403 Vic FallsIMG_6342 BaboonsIMG_6325 Hip-hop-otamosIMG_6295


IMG_6267Elephant using his/her trunk as a snorkel to cross the Chobe riverIMG_6228 ImpalasIMG_6211 Croc


IMG_6143Standard donkey cart I have been seeing in Namibia and BotswanaIMG_6132

 I have heard of shoes made from car tires and finally found a pair in Botswana


IMG_6328 Fish EagleIMG_6318 Lionesses setting out to huntIMG_6289Giraffes doing the splits to eat and drinkIMG_6272

IMG_6245African Buffalo & Hungry Hungry HippoIMG_6225 WaterbuckIMG_6202 WarthogIMG_6188


IMG_6163Plenty of these warnings in BotswanaIMG_6140

IMG_6125One of many roadside sculptures made of blown tires and car parts from accidents in Botswana