Wild Honey & Grasshoppers in Eastern Africa

Wild Honey & Grasshoppers in Eastern Africa

After a long windmill project off the bike in Malawi, I was eager to hit the road and make some distance north, trying to avoid biking in the rainy season. That didn’t work out so well as I was rained on daily in Tanzania, but waiting for a rain shower to clear always means passing the time shoulder to shoulder with the locals under the nearest shelter you can find. I briefly biked through Rwanda, enjoying the beautiful countryside and energetic children who ran and biked alongside me as far as they could. Then onto Uganda where the polite greetings, kindness, and big smiles of the Ugandan people have made quite an impression on me.                      Mchinji, Malawi to Kampala, Uganda 17/10/17 to 2/12/17

Stopping by the special needs orphanage of the GEM Foundation in Kampala, Uganda

My first and best Ugandan friend Zulaika 

Thanks Maria Kane for trading my bike for your Land Cruiser! The rest of my trip should be a bit easier now.UgandaAt the Soeurs Trappistines monastery of nuns in Kibungo, RwandaRwanda

This is a common sight in rural Africa, I come to a junction in the road and a bunch of signs for Non Profits and NGOs. In remote areas, often times the only vehicles I see are trucks, taxi vans, and the Land Rovers of these NGOs.The mountains of the western rift in Burundi

I want to thank the United States Government for funding the construction of more than one hundred miles of smooth road in western Tanzania. Smoooooooth.Millet+Corn+Wheat+Peanuts+Rice+Soy Beans = Power PorridgeCrowding around for camel rides

Kapenta fishing port in MalawiMalawian dugout canoe

It's grasshopper season in Uganda, and this is a roadside grasshopper farm. Lights are hung from the sticks, metal sheets reflect the light, and the attracted grasshoppers fall into the oil drums. And they are delicious.Produce market in busy downtown KampalaA little hard to tell in the picture, but the slopes of the hills in southern Uganda were so steep they caused me to break a good quality bike chain for the first time

Green, clean, fertile RwandaTanzanian long horned cattle. Take that Texas

Wild African honey comes in a liquor bottle with a bit of wax and a bee or two that you have to remove, or eat…..?

Fishing boats of Kigoma, Tanzania

Tanzanian football field

After months of riding through Southern Africa in the dry season, I finally reached some green country in Tanzania

Lake MalawiThis fisherman singing to the sunrise woke me up on my morning camping on Lake Malawi