Two Christmases & Zero New Years/What It’s Like To Bike In Africa

Two Christmases & Zero New Years / What It’s Like To Bike In Africa

It has been over two years since I have ridden with another cyclist for more than just a couple days. I met my Swiss friend Pascal in Nairobi several weeks ago and we decided to head north together for a while. We biked through the richest cultural areas I have ever seen around Lake Turkana and the Omo Valley region of Kenya and Ethiopia respectively. Riding in Ethiopia means dodging rocks, sticks, water bottles, and book bags that are thrown at us by village children, and afternoon stops to enjoy the best coffee in the world. Due to the Ethiopian calendar, we have enjoyed celebrating Christmas twice, once in Kenya and once in Ethiopia, but missed the New Year altogether, so we are still living in the year 2010.            Kampala, Uganda to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 3/12/17 to 9/1/18 (or 9/1/10)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Standard Ethiopian hut for food storageI introduce injera, the typical Ethiopian food and a much needed change after months of maize meal throughout Africa

Ethiopian Christmas celebration consists of a massive loaf of bread, and peanut and grain mix, and the world's oldest and best coffee

Common site lately in Africa, both fixing bike problems and being stared at by children who are curious why we are there

The sandy roads around Lake Turkana in Kenya meant a lot of pushingCrossing the equator in KenyaEthiopian grave

Pascal getting his bike welded after his front fork snapped from 5 years biking the globe

The delicious Ethiopian mix of avocado and mango juice. Why doesn’t anyone else do this?!Cooking in a church classroom in Kenya

Tea Farms of Kenya

Ethiopian Orthodox celebrate Melkam Gena (Merry Christmas) on January 7th. That meant two Christmas celebrations between Kenya and Ethiopia 🙂 . Ethiopians also celebrate their New Year in September, meaning no New Year celebration this year 🙁