Running from the Police into the Middle East

Running from the Police into the Middle East

In Egypt I lost the peace I found throughout the deserts of Sudan as I was soon followed for several days by the Egyptian police who were ordered to protect me from any threat as I traveled. Terrorist activity against tourists in the past has left Egypt in a position of understandable paranoia, and so I had to cycle with a police truck following me for several hundred kilometers along the Nile river in Egypt. But this did not keep me from enjoying in awe the ancient pyramids, tombs and temples of Egypt, and appreciating the strong energy and happiness that Egyptians displayed as they greeted me throughout the country. I continued on to Jordan where I marveled at the ancient city of Petra and biked along the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth. As I crossed into Israel, I arrived just in time to celebrate Purim, a fun Jewish festival, with some of my friends who I have not seen in years.    Aswan, Egypt to Jerusalem, Israel 7/2/18 to 11/3/18

Dressing up for the Jewish Festival of Purim

Modern JerusalemThe Dead Sea, 500m below sea level

The Monastery of Petra, Jordan

View of the ancient city of Petra from aboveThe foundation laid for one of the windmills outside of Wadi Musa, Jordan

Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza, EgyptBent Pyramid at Dashur, EgyptA little welding on my bikeSome of the Egyptian police officers who followed me while I biked

One of the tombs in the Valley of Kings (Luxor, Egypt)Egyptian washing his horse in Nile canal

The Treasury of Petra, Jordan

Kudos to the bread bikers in Cairo, Egypt!

Meet Mario. Mario worked 12 hour days every day for 19 months straight at a gas station in USA. He made the most of the opportunity and now can afford to plant cumin on this plot of land along the Nile.Lush farmland along the NileHabu Temple (Luxor, Egypt)

This was the view from the front door of a home I stayed in one night. The father of the home said that his grandfather made a good choice when he chose the piece of land to build the house. I would agree.My first falafel with my first Egyptian friendsSailors on the Nile