Gaining Weight in Italy

Gaining Weight in Italy

I remember meeting an Italian back in Sudan. I asked him what I should do when I biked through his country. "Eat food" he said. I did just that. After arriving in Naples, Italy I took a ferry down to Sicilia to bike the entire length of Italy. Along the way I received the warm hospitality of Italianos who made it their sole purpose to show me their cities, sample traditional food, and explain to me what makes Italy great. After finishing Africa, my first weeks in Europe has been an adjustment: great roads, old cities rich with history, cultural norms of the developed world. The transition has been fun and I know my taste buds are pleased as well.     Jerusalem, Israel 11/3/18 to Italy to Morocco 23/4/18

Siena, ItaliaThis is my take at the same photoCyclists always have a way of finding one another. I met French couple Cristian and Patricia last year in Botswana on the road, and sure enough we crossed paths again just 2 weeks before they finish their bicycle trip around the world.Made more than one stop at the Termes (hot springs) in central ItalyTurning an old bike into street decoration. Good work Cinzia!Melani teaching me how to properly lock my bike in RomeTypical Italian country home in constructionWhen Federica and I had a little trouble with the recipe, we made Cannelloni a la Chicagense (Chicago style Cannelloni) by cutting pasta tubes with scissors

 The Amalfi Coast

Neapolitan street art

Fresh local produce in Italy makes for great lunches on the roadTwo cyclists analyzing Italian high society Cefalu, Sicilia

This list of Sicilian foods to try while biking the island was given to me by a local. If anyone reading this ever visits Sicily, you are welcome.

Expressing my passion for Roman sculpture

The Western Wall in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem Old CityMy last pizza in Italy before taking a ship to Morocco

Afternoon gelato became a part of my daily life in Italy. I really don’t know how life will continue without it. This is the first time in my life I am scared of the future.

Genova, Italia All these photographers took the same photo I could bike forever in TuscanyGuess what grows in Italy…hazelnuts!!!

Fontana di Trevi, Roma

Italians get a thumbs up for the use of solar I saw throughout the countryPizza da Mihcele, arguably the best in the world, with MariateresaGrazie mille a Francesco e Mariateresa, mia famiglia Napoletana!

Antipasti in Salermo. Grazie Pamela!

Back to mainland ItaliaLemon processing plant, Sicily

Ferry to Sicily When I first arrived in Italy, I learned that pasta truly is a part of daily life.

Napoli, Italia

Italian lawn art with old wine jars

This guy wins biker of the day awardAt the market outside FirenzeMotos rule the streets of old Roman citiesDuomo, Firenze