Hash and Hotel Rooms in Morocco

Hash and Hotel Rooms in Morocco

While biking through Morocco, one might think that the men are incredibly gregarious by the way they flag you down from the sides of the road to talk and share a tea. That was what I thought at first. But soon I realized that most of these men saw me as a potential customer for local hash or a hotel room, and they used their unique selling skills that only a Moroccan is born with to try and convince me that what they were offering was exactly what I needed at that point in time. But not every Moroccan had a sale in mind, and I thoroughly enjoyed my jog through the country while I spent a little time out of the European Union. The Rif mountains of northern Morocco were surprising green given that I always imagined the country to be one big desert, and the hilly farming areas near the old city of Fez presented as many colors as spices were available in the local markets.          Northern Morocco 23/4/18 to Algeciras, Spain 4/5/18

Moroccans made one of the better water carriers I have seen for their donkeys

Tasty tangine right off the coals

The blue city of Chefchaouen, my favorite in Morocco

I heard that large stone wheels like this are still used to make olive oil