Spanish Bullfights

Back in Europe

Morocco 4/5/18 to Portugal to Madrid, Spain 25/5/18

A procession for the celebration of San Isidro in MadridToo much sweat has eroded my handlebarBut the journey continues!MadridCould this be the greatest family of bikers?

Typical rural town in Portugal

Plenty of old windmills on the old Portuguese farms

Solar farm in sunny southern Spain

 Tapas! Bullfighting in Madrid Madrid Madrid


Narrow white washed streets of Portugal

My last mint tea in MoroccoThanks to the generous folks at Boa Vista Restaurante in Portugal. After biking 10 minutes in the country, the owner of this restaurant invited me in for a great meal and a taste of port as we listened to traditional Portuguese fado music. One of the best first hours I have spent in a country so far.Why not use a solar panel to charge your electric bike?

Procession outside Sevilla, Spain

Big wind farms in southern Spain