French Cheese Changed My Life

French Cheese Changed My Life

Biking through plenty of rain from Northern Spain across the Pyrenees into France. Learning from the French to enjoying the finer things in life, like good cheese, has been enlightening and my life will never be the same again.          Madrid, Spain 25/5/18 to Paris, France 19/6/18

Paris, FranceFamily photos on an old French manufacturing plant

Spanish supermarket jamSolar, solar, solarCastle of Murol, France

My first plateau de fromage, and my life will never be the sameAuvergne, FranceToulouse, FranceCol du Tourmalet, France

Sadly my cloudy view on the way up Col du AubisqueCan you ask for a better morning view when camping?

 Col du Aubisque, France

Thanks for hosting Hugounet in Auvergne, FranceFirst sighting of the Pyrenees Orleans, FranceWindmills dot the farms of northern France and southern Belgium Clermont, FranceSome of the best cheese in the world comes from these French cowsFrench postal service by bike!Meeting up with my French friends Vincent & Melanie in Toulouse, France. We met over 2 years ago and biked together through Baja California in Mexico for three weeks.

Plateau de Fromage #2, merci beaucoup Debilly family!