Swiss Bliss with Mein Vater

Swiss Bliss with Mein Vater

Looking down the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland

Freiburg, Deutschland

Rothenburg, Deutschland

Vineyards of Alsace, France

Gimmelwald, Switzerland

Austrian hunting tree standPoor weather obscured most of my alpine views in Austria

I asked my buddy Norman if he wanted to trade my bike for his German Volkswagon. I still have my bike…But then I traded it for something a little faster!

Rheinfels Castle, Deutschland

Meet Johann Pollinger, an Austrian cow farmer who built this small hydroelectric plant on his land to power his farm and home. He generates more power than he needs and is credited by an Austrian electric company. I have been skeptical of hydro power plants due to stories of environmental damage, but after staying one night on Johann's farm he showed me that on a small scale hydro power plants can work well within the environment. Great work Hans! Salzburg, Austria

My teammates before the bike race Rad am Ring on the famous Nurburgring Grand Prix race track in Germany

 Monastery of Notre Dame d'Oelenberg in France

While blackberry season has ended, apple, pear, plum, and sometimes little peach season has arrived!!!

 U-Pick flower farms in Germany operating on the honor system