Georgia On My Mind

Georgia On My Mind

While biking through the Balkans I helped make local plum brandy with a man on the side of the road, I survived the traffic nightmare that is biking in and out of Istanbul, and a race across Turkey has me into Asia now. I had heard good things about Georgia before arriving, and I have not been disappointed. The autumn season is in full bloom, the first I have experienced in three years, and harvest season means local men fill my hands with walnuts and freshly fallen apples as they greet me in the small farming towns I pass through.

Timisoara, Romania to Tbilisi, Georgia 10/9/18 to 17/10/19

This little guy was close to being my new travel partner, but he couldn’t quite keep upHay runners, gotta love emGrapevine/St. Nino's Cross of Georgia

Turks rival U.S. of Americans with their patriotic display of flags everywhereMosque construction, IstanbulFerry across the Bosporus StraightBulgaria

I had to amputate my girlfriend's foot

This Serbian farmer invited me for a drink of fruit brandy as I biked by his home. While we couldn’t speak one another's language very well, he understood that I wanted to help him distill his next batch. The photo here is him putting the lid over all the plums we had just poured in with old buckets. We then rolled bread dough into long strips to seal all the cracks of the still. Serbians make good use of all the fruit they grow on small farms and in their gardens, even fruit that is spoiling makes for good brandy ingredients.


 GeorgiaFirst for me on the trip, welcome to Georgia


Turkish honey comb for sale

Galata Tower, IstanbulAlexander Nevsky Eastern Orthodox Cathedral, Sofia, Bulgaria BulgariaTimisoara, Romania