Freezing through the Silk Road

Freezing through the Silk Road

A sprint across Azerbaijan and I reached the Caspian Sea, home of most of the world's caviar? While anchored aboard a cargo ship offshore in the Caspian Sea, I enjoyed typical Russian food and taught Russians how to play the card game Bulls**t. I wasn't as strong as the wild horses, the two humped camels, nor Borat in the cold steppe country of Kazakhstan, and so I took an old Soviet platskartny train into Uzbekistan. Biking the silk road in Uzbekistan has been a pure joy, enjoying old cities along the historic trade route, and the overwhelming hospitality of Uzbeks along the way who want to give me everything I could possibly need. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Tbilisi, Georgia through Azerbaijan, cargo ship across Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan to Tashkent, Uzbekistan 17/10/18 to 19/11/18


 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

When camping lately, my bike and tent are covered in frost by morning

Are these Uzbek children real or not? I was fooled multiple times while biking past these signs to slow down traffic, even smiling and waving before I was close enough to realize I was effectively fooledWhen staying with families in Uzbekistan, I sleep comfortably between thick cotton blankets next to gas heaters

 Uzbek gas tanks

Cotton carts of Uzbekistan 

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Toolkit for biking in cold late autumn weather

Kazak oven gloves as second pair of gloves, like when Jim Carrey wore his second pair of gloves when motorcycling into Aspen, Colorado in Dumb and Dumber

Soviet Union shirt, gift from Azerbaijan home builder who missed the good old days

Turkish style hat, offering no warmth whatsoever for ears but superior style like the older Uzbek gentlemen

Uzbek cotton handkerchief for chronic runny nose



Khiva, Uzbekistan


Azerbaijan – Caspian Sea – Kazakhstan

KazakhstanI love you manti dumplingsModern day silk trade on an train between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Heating up the old soviet platskartny train with coalHonorary English teacher with Kazak studentsLifting power lines to allow massive gas tanks to pass through towns in KazakhstanCanned Kazak horsemeat, oh yes it's goodFirst double humped camel sighting

Wild horses of the steppe, Kazakhstan

Cargo crew workout boys

Kitchen on cargo ship across Caspian Sea Soviet tractors I have been seeing everywhere in Georgia and AzerbaijanCandy ladies of Azerbaijan!