Go Fruit Yourself!

Go Fruit Yourself!

Cycling through the rest of Burma, a rather cloistered country for so long, was a forward step back in time. The world felt old and original, with people still getting around in ox carts, rice fields being farmed in traditional ways, and life moving by just a little more slowly. The transition into Thailand was shockingly stark. I felt the heavy influence of western materialism, and the difference between two neighboring countries was one of the stronger I felt on this trip. But along back country roads through hilly Thailand, provincial Thai farmers still pick tamarinds off their trees by hand, and invited me over to share sticky rice out of bamboo baskets. And while the heat is nearly insufferable some afternoons, the myriad tropical fruits keep me motivated to explore almost every local market to shock my taste buds and watch the happy reaction of the people when they are.     Mandalay, Burma 7/2/19 - Vientiane, Laos 3/3/19

Kitty want my sandwich

Buddhist monks in supermarkets make my dayFirst jackfruit since Uganda!

Next Thai Generation

Thailand Burma

Bamboo used for everything in Burma

I met Nigel, a 63 year old Aussie finishing a seven year bike trip around the world. We shared more than a few good stories from the road.

Maybe the most poignant police statue on Earth