Keeping It Hot In Cambodia

Keeping It Hot In Cambodia

My loop through Southeast Asia has taken me across rural Laos where I participated in a local Buddhist festival serving beer to elderly women. Reaching the Pacific ocean on the coast of Vietnam marked the end of an eight month trip across Eurasia from the Atlantic. And the days get hotter and hotter here in Cambodia where I hope for cloud cover, rain and anything that relieves the heat throughout the day.       Laos 3/3/19 - Siem Reap, Cambodia 1/4/19

VietnamI say goodbye to my Costa Rican machete which has been carving my pineapples for more than three years.Eight months ago I said goodbye to the Atlantic Ocean in the Netherlands. Now I say hello to the Pacific again in Vietnam. This picture shows these cool little bowl fishing boats used here.

These guys tried and failed to get me drunk on local Laos rice whisky, which goes great with freshly fried pork rindsThe world's most heavy duty mopeds can be found throughout Southeast Asia

In Laos, tree stumps are never wasted

I biked with Naomi over three years ago when I was crossing the United States. Reunited for a tropical fruit feast on the beach of Vietnam! Vietnam and USA are good

Typical home construction in Laos

Offerings to Buddha Laos

Cambodian beer advertisements cover the sides of rural homes tempting consumption prizes of air conditioners, flat screen televisions, and washing machines which would all fit just perfectly in these homes.

They are used to make statues like this!