North America

The Road Back Home: 4 Years, 63 Countries, 77,000 km Cycled Around Our World!

In the last month of a four year bike adventure that spanned 63 countries through five continents, I rode the last of 77,000 kilometers across the northern United States of America. Riding across the great vast plains of the Dakotas gave me plenty of time to reflect on all the different places I had been around the world, and how my view of my homeland is forever altered. I saw the kind eyes and gentle smiles of farmers who work diligently on ranches that cover thousands of acres, herding animals and growing crops that feed millions of us in the USA. I heard the accent of the “Yuppers” in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, as I climbed apple trees and shook the branches to help them collect apples for deer hunting season. And as I rode back into northern Indiana where I grew up as a child, my family greeted me with open arms as they welcomed me back home. For those of you who I have met along the way, those who shared water, shelter, equipment, or a good story, I thank you and I look forward to when our paths will cross again. Keep going.      Custer, South Dakota to South Bend, Indiana 13/9/19- 12/10/19

My Mother and I

Still have a couple pages left in my Passport...

Sculpture Garden of Lakenenland, UP Michigan

Riding through the last of my bike parts

Badlands NP, South DakotaCrazy Horse as of 2019. I posit that when this incredible sculpture is finished, it will be one of the greatest man-made Wonders of the World.

Back home with my Sisters and Father

Listen to this short interview I did with news station Sunny 101.5 about my trip around the globe

For the last of countless water crossings on my safari around the world, I put my bike in this paddle boat and rowed across the river to bypass a bridge construction in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Sculpture Garden of Lakenenland, UP Michigan Sculpture Garden of Lakenenland, UP Michigan

Ashland, Wisconsin

Old clean energy meets new clean energy

The Road Back Home

Biker Mike Cycle Tours LLC

I started my first business venture in the United States, Biker Mike Cycle Tours LLC, in July of this year. My first trip consisted of a loop of the western United States on a motorcycle with one client for the month of August. After discovering more of the gems throughout the West and enjoying the luxury of an engine, I decided to close the business for the season and have resumed riding my bicycle across the central United States of America. If you are interested in your own catered tour in the States or abroad, please message me through the contact page for a free quotation!    Denver, Colorado 04/7/19 - Custer, South Dakota 13/9/19

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The breathtaking glaciers of Jasper and Banff National Parks in Canada were a good ending to my travels through Canada. And as I enter back into the United States through the big, open, wild western states of Montana and Wyoming, I see the good, the bad, and the ugly. Small towns, hailstorms, firm handshakes, and a meaningful "how are you today" greet me back into the country I was born in.     Smithers, BC, Canada 03/6/19 - Denver, Colorado 03/7/19

Jasper and Banff National Parks

B.C. and Alberta, Canada

Bears & Hunger- Alaska & Canada

Biking through Alaska, Yukon, and BC in Canada calls for travelling long distances in the wild. This has led to some hungry nights and wild encounters with bears. Climbing trees to hang my food, checking bear tracks and scat, and scanning the skies for mountain squalls leaves me feeling incredibly connected to this stunning part of the world.     Kuala Lampur, Malaysia 30/4/19 - Smithers, BC, Canada 3/6/19

Mosquitoes in B.C. Canada

At night I climb trees to hang up my food away from grizzly bearsOld log bridge from the Gold Rush days

Good luck to Clay & Cody headed to climb and ski Mount Denali!Solar panels at steep angels like this show how far north in the world Alaska is!

Remembering that bigger is better in N. America


Fourth and last flight! Kuala Lampur, Malaysia